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Prices list Camping Municipal.


Stay tax per night /person - Starting at 18 years old : 0,66€

Low season
01/05 to 15/06 12am
15/09 to 30/09 12am
Price (incl. VAT)

Mid Season
15/06 to 03/07 12am And 04/09 to 15/09 12am
Price (incl. VAT)
High Season
03/07 to 04/09 12am
Price (incl. VAT)
> Camping
Rate for plot  + 1 car (1 to 2 people)
Rate for plot with electricity (6A) + 1 car (1 to 2 people)
Additional person
Additional child (- 13 years)
Additional car
Caravan plot with or without electricity (*)
Deposit for equipment 30,00€ 30,00€ 30,00€
(*) caravan plot July and August and Saturdays and Sundays in May, June and September.

> Aire de Camping-cars
Rate for camping-cars (1 to 2 people)
Additional person
Additional child (- 13 years old)
Service package (2 hours) Camping-cap

> Surf group (Zone S)
One person rate S

>Hire of bungalows (from Saturday 16.00 to Saturday 10.00)
From 06/05 to 17/06
From 17/06 to 24/06
From 09/09 to 16/09
From 24/06 to 01/07
From 01/07 to 15/07
From 02/09 to 09/09
From 15/07 to 02/09
Cyrus 240€
Cyrus 295€
Cyrus 380€
Cyrus 540€
Cyrus 565€
Cyrus 795€

>Hire of bungalows (from Wednesday 16.00 to Wednesday 10.00)

From 10/05 to 21/06
From 13/09 to 20/09

From 21/06 to 28/06
From 06/09 to 13/09
From 28/06 to 05/07
From 05/07 to 19/07
From 30/08 to 06/09
From 19/07 to 30/08
Cyrus 240€
Cyrus 295€
Cyrus 380€
Cyrus 540€
Cyrus 565€
Cyrus 795€

> Week-ends
Week-end, 2 nights
Additional, night





General conditions of sale


The basic rate includes an empty plot (95m2 environ) for 1 to 2 people.
On a tent plot there should be no more than 3 individual tents and one car. 
On a caravan plot there should be no more than one caravan, a small tent/awning and one car. 
On all plots there should be no more than 6 people, including children. 
We have no mobile homes or chalets on the campsite. 

  • Bookings for pitches open in the fall (see the date on our homepage) and until the 30th of June but they will be processed from January


The campsite is open from 1st May to 30 September with staff on site 24/24h from 1st May to 30 September.

Deposit required for the loan of European electrical plug or refrigerator rental




Weekly hire, from Saturday 16.00 to Saturday 10.00, from Wednesday 16.00 to Wednesday 10.00, with a maximum of 5 people per bungalow, holiday tax in addition to prices shown, pets strictly prohibited on site.

    • Bookings for bungalows open in the fall (see the date on our homepage) and until the 31st of August but they will be processed from January

    The arrival time is between 16.00 and 19.00; the departure time is between 8.30 and 10.30.
    Motor homes and campervans are not permitted when hiring a Bungalow

    In the event of deteriorated or missing items, all or part of the Damage Deposit will be kept in addition to the sum of the stay



    Fill in the attached quotation form and return it to us either by e-mail or by post to the campsite address. 
    We will return a price quotation to you with a code, plot number and your arrival and departure dates, according to availability. We do not send documents by fax.
    This will give you a booking option and you should confirm this by paying within 10 days of receiving the quotation.  (Conditions of sale No. 1) 




    N° 1 Conditions of Sale :

    Booking fee………………….30€  (a)
    Booking deposit…………25% (b)  (Not including Visitors’ Tax) of the total cost shown in the quotation. 

    This shows you have accepted the conditions of sale.  Payment can be made on line (secure) with the number of the plot proposed by the campsite. This camping plot number cannot be changed.
    You will be sent an invoice by e-mail or post.  

    N° 2 The night before you leave:

    Payment of the balance (Additional people, car and visitors’ tax).

    You may pay in cash, by bank card or cheque. 

    Warning : If you should decide to leave before the end of your stay, all nights reserved are to be paid at storage rate up to the date of departure (for tent and caravan/camping car pitches within the campsite. The Camping car area is not subject to reservations).


    You thus accept all the existing general conditions of sale and booking, recorded by the municipal campsite. 

    (a) Under no circumstances is the booking fee returned to the client. 

    (b) The deposit may be returned to the client if the booking has to be cancelled, provided that the client provides documentary evidence by recorded delivery by the required time (see table below), the date on the letter being taken as proof.  (Examples: medical certificate, accident certificate, accident statement, etc.) 

    Cancellation gives the right to reimbursement of the deposit:
    If the cancellation occurs before the 1st April for a booking in May
    If the cancellation occurs before the 1st May for a booking in June
    If the cancellation occurs before the 1st June for a booking in July
    If the cancellation occurs before the 1st July for a booking in August
    If the cancellation occurs before the 1st August for a booking in September
    (you will be asked for your bank account details )


    Camping Arrival time
    from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm

    Bungalows Arrival time

    From   2.00pm to 7.00 am


    Camping Departure time

    From   8.30 am to 12.00 am


    Bungalows Departure time

    10.00 am



    If we have not received any message from you 24 hours after your scheduled arrival time, the campsite reserves the right to offer your plot to someone else.
    In this case we will retain the booking fee and the 25% deposit in application of our conditions of sale. 



    All clients must adhere to campsite regulations:

    To enter the campsite, you should come to reception with passport or identity card. 
    On your departure, come to reception with the booklet to pay (we advise you do this in the evening before you leave between 14.00 and 18.00)
    You should install your tent or camping car/caravan on the plot indicated by reception and 1 metre from the boundary (hedge or markers).
    No visitors are allowed without the agreement of reception.          

    For everyone’s safety:

    There should be total silence between 22.00 and 7.00; traffic is therefore prohibited and the entrance to the campsite is closed. 
    Barbecues (wood or charcoal fires) are expressly forbidden as are any temporary electrical connections. 

    electrical plancha or grill are not recommended because  the amperage is often incompatible with the pitch amperage


    Safety instructions:

    Information is displayed on all campsite buildings. 

    The office is open:

    > July and August from 8.30 am to 9.00 pm
    > June and September from 8.30 am to 14.30 pm and from 15.30pm to 20.30pm
    > May at 09.00 am and 12.00 pm and from 14.00pm to 18.00pm


    Campsite insurance: 

    It is the client’s responsibility to take out a private insurance for staying on the campsite. 
    The campsite takes no responsibility for any damage to property during your stay, nor for theft, fire, bad weather or other incidents involving personal liability. 



    Dogs and other animals must never be left to wander and never be left alone (or tied up or shut in). 
    All animals must have up-to-date rabies inoculations and be kept on a lead by an adult. Pet’s vaccination certificates must be presented on arrival
    Category 1 and 2 dogs (such as Staffordshire Terrier, Pit-Bull, Mastiff, Tosa-inu and similar breeds) must also be muzzled, in addition to conforming to the above conditions.  




    You are about to pay for a service provided by your Town Hall using the Internet and would like to know more about Caisse d’Epargne’s e-payment system. 


    The information you give during your payment will be sent in code to Caisse d’Epargne’s ultra-secure servers without passing through the local authority website. 
    They will then be dealt with by our financial services, which today manage millions of electronic banking transactions. 
    With the Caisse d'Epargne’s e-payment service, you eliminate all risk of fraud.


    The sum deducted using your banker’s card is sent directly to our Town Hall’s “Trésor Public” account.
    The Caisse d'Epargne’s e-payment service complies with all the bank card payment system conditions laid down by the General Public Accounts Department.


    Your banking details will never be communicated to another party and the Caisse d'Epargne will not know you payment details.  Confidentiality is therefore assured.  
    If you tell us your e-mail address, the Caisse d'Epargne will only use it to confirm your payment.  It will not be communicated elsewhere and will not be passed on to commercial addresses



    Should you have any questions concerning your payment, Caisse d’Epargne’s ‘e-paiement Assistance Service’  is here to help you.  You can contact us by e-mail on




  • Camping Municipal du Cap-de-l'Homy
  • N : 44.037448 / W : 1.334329


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